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Pegasus Bio Hyper Foods

    Dear friends

    For thousands of years, wise pharmasists from Greece and therapists from all over the world,
advice and urge us, that is preferable to prevent, than to treat and heal. Every day, more scientific
published studies prove, that mother nature with its products, remains the best pharmacy
and still can provide us with all the nature materials, for the enhance of our immune system
against almost any disease of the modern way of living.   
   That old Greek saying, our 20 years of working experience in several pharmaceutical companies
and the influence from the Greek myth of Pegasus, were more than enough reasons for us, to create
Pegasus Bio Hyper Foods.ME
   We cultivate fruits, only by organic farming, in our own land at the slopes of Chalkidiki mountains,
the worldwide known as superfoods, such as gojiberries, truffle, seabuckthorn, aronia and herbs
such as lavender angustifolia, melissa oficinalis, basil, oregano etc, approved by the
organisation of DIO, that gives our certification of organic products. We are also, very proud to
say that we cultivate our plants, with the innovative method of EM Effective Microorganisms, by the
well known Japan scientist Dr.Terouo Higa, in addition to other organic materials.
   The final objective though for us in the beggining, is the acquaintance of people to these
superfoods and herbs, but most of all, to convince them for the necessity of integrating these
nature's diamonds into their daily nutrition.
   It is very encouraging that almost every  day, we share that aspect of ours, with increasingly
more people worldwide, already consumers of these products, or willing to do so.
   Simultaneously, Pegasus Bio Hyper Foods, beside its own cultivation and production, builds a
processing facility nearby Thessaloniki District, to absorb the production of organic superfoods
and herbs from Northern Greece farmers. In addition, our company will give the opportunity
and the know-how to new farmers, with substantive interest to these new cultivations,
to cooperate with us, by long term agricultural contracts.
   Very soon we will be able to supply you in various packages, fresh, frozen or dry organic
superfoods (gojiberries, aronia, seabuckthorn, truffle) and herbs (lavender, melissa, basil,
oregano etc), grown under the Greek sun, enriched by Greek fertile soil, full of Greek flavours
and treated with the most of our respect, to nature and consumers.
   Wishing you a pleasant journey to our website...........

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                                 With regards

                              the team of Pegasus                          

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